Designed for advanced cell culture processing, CYTOSYS is an intuitive and ready-to-use control platform allowing quick productive results.
In addition to the major items required to run a cultivation process such as the P.I.D. control modules and sensors transducers; the set-up also can include the required ancillary items such as pumps and gassing (valves, Mass Flow Controller…).
CYTOSYS flexibility combined with a non-limited list of sensors and actuators allows process developers to implement an infinity of control strategies with a single control system.
CYTOSYS can control process glass culture vessels, rigid disposable bioreactors as well as culture bags from 0.1L up to several hundreds of L by selecting the appropriate actuators and sensors.


Ethernet connection and WIFI acces


"out-of-the box"


All accessories such as pumps and gas flow control valves are conveniently integrated in a compact console.