Standard basis, multiple ancillaries

Made to fit most of the culture project, Prime is designed to keep its flexibility with a standard basis. Multiple ancillaries can be added to the standard basis that we propose. 

CYTOSYS Prime - Cell Culture Control

Data storage

Compact design


Ready to use


16 P.I.D.


Intuitive WLAN HMI

Control Platform for Advanced Cell Culture Process

Designed for advanced cell culture processing, CYTOSYS PRIME is an intuitive, ready-to-use control platform for rapid, productive results.

Its designed to fit most of the standard culture projects but keep its flexibility through its ancillaries.

Standard glass pH interface, polarographic dO2 or rather MODBUS communication to your probes?

Cooling required? Precision mass flows for Air, O2 and CO2,…?

Don’t be limited, ALL is available!

CYTOSYS PRIME - Control Platform for Cell Culture -img2

Advantages and benefits of our Control Platform

Control flexibility

The flexibility of the control system makes it easy to set up cascades including different actuators. For example, a cascade including agitation speed and mass flow controller control is set up by default for dissolved oxygen control.

Integrated Controller

Each controller features 4 variable-speed peristaltic pumps (CSO-PPUMP114) with exceptional resolution of 0.005RPM over a range from 0 to 300RPM. The interface software is embedded in each controller and can be accessed directly from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the same local network as the controller.

Accessories Included

Each tank is supplied with all the accessories needed for a successful cultivation process. 

Ease-of-use and safety of our Control Platform

Ready to use

CYTOSYS PRIME is fully equipped with all the necessary components and is ready for use straight out of the box. Installation of the bioreactor/fermenter is quick to learn and easy to use: no special skills or tools are required.

Access Control and Action Log

User access control secures process parameters, and the action log records all actions performed by users for complete control of your run.

Applications of our Control Platform


Cell Culture


Cell Culture

yeast fermentation


bacteria culture


Algae Culture


Technical Specifications of our Control Platform

Bioreactor control unit Vessel 0.5 - 15L Glass or Disposable
HMI Web Interface (Local or LAN access)
Software CFR 21 Part 11 Compatible
Dimensions (cm) 38 x 75 x 24 (W x H x D)
Gaz station Gaz 3 High Accuracy Massflow Controller (Air, O2, CO2) (± 1.5 % o.R.1.) ± 0.3 % F.S.2.)
Agitation Drive Brushless Motor
Agitation Range 10 - 200 RPM or 50 - 1000RPM
Display Resolution 1 RPM
Temperature Probe PT-100
Display Resolution 0,1 °C
Temperature Range Room Temperature to 80°C
Cooling - Cooling outlet, Condenser outlet
Balance / Pressure Probe 2 inputs for Balance or Pressure sensor connection
Foam / Level Probe 2 inputs for Foam / Level Sensing
pH Sensor Technology Up to 2 pH sensors simultaneously, Standard pH Glass AND MODBUS (Hamilton/Mettler)
Display Resolution 0.01
dO2 Sensor Technology Up to 2 pH sensors simultaneously, Polarographic AND Optical MODBUS (Hamilton/Mettler)
Display Resolution 0.1%
Pump Peristaltic Pump 4 Pumps (0-300 RPM, precision 0,005 RPM)
PID Controllers Allowed PIDs 16
Controlled Parameters Sensors, Analog Inputs, Totalizers, PID Output for Cascade
Inputs/outputs - 2 x additional 0/4 - 20 mA Analog Inputs for external sensors connections, 2 x additional MODBUS for external sensors connections