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The strength of a technical knowledge combined with the expertise acquired in the daily management of a cell culture laboratory allows us to understand specific needs and offer custom solution to any control and automation request.

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IPRATECH is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of a cutting-edge multi-scale platform for exosome production in partnership with Conveyxo. This innovative anti-inflammageing technology platform driven by EXO-HARVEST (an afilliate of ConvEyXO) is now fully operational in our lab, marking a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts to advance biotechnological solutions through engineering excellence.

Click on this link to access the video where Frédéric Tonglet, the CEO of Exo-Harvest, tells you more about this collaboration

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Control platform
for advanced cell culture process

Cytosys solutions are intuitive and ready-to-use control platforms allowing quick productive results.
The modularity and the accessibility of these solutions will allow the development of every project that could be imagined.

CYTOSYS LITE - Control platform for advanced cell culture process


Small box,
Big possibilities

The Cytosys Lite is the smallest of our controllers. It is designed to respond to most of the needs of control. Whether you want to control probes or sensors, pumps, heating or cooling, whether the process or the applications, Cytosys Lite is your polyvalent solution.

CYTOSYS PRIME - Control platform for advanced cell culture process


Standard basis,
Multiple ancillaries

The Cytosys Prime is designed to fit most of the standard culture projects but keep its flexibility through its ancillaries. From pumps to sensors and actuators, everything is possible! Let’s try!

CYTOSYS BRIGHT - Control platform for advanced cell culture process


All you can imagine
in one solution

The Cytosis Bright is our fully designable solution. Sensors, actuators, heating or cooling system, pumps, Modbus probes, classic probes, no matter the demand, Cytosys Bright can respond to it. Your job is to imagine your perfect controller, our job is to make it possible.


"This post and a huge thank you to David Sergeant and Justin Foox of Ipratech has been overdue for some time. Early last year, Somatek acquired a CYTOSYS control platform for its process development work. Having experience with bioreactor controllers from several other companies, we can say with confidence that the CYTOSYS is above and beyond the competition in terms of the flexibility it offers for the needs of a development lab. We truly appreciate the exceedingly good technical support as well. And the small footprint does not hurt."

Acoustic filtration
for cell culture

An acoustic filtration device for gentle cell manipulation and separation and remove the risk of clogging and fouling. Available in sterilizable or Single-use version.
Based on resonant ultrasonic waves that separate cells from supernatant, the CYTOPERF offers all the benefits of other filtration technologies, but without their inherent problems and limitations.

Engineering services

Need an automated solution?

IPRATECH is a professional R&D company that can help you build and test innovative concepts. Our Agile experts are specialized in building MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for startups. Our experienced team can help you develop robust and scalable solutions that will help your startup accelerate to market faster. Our experts design innovative and scalable solutions for startups and enterprises. We make your brand stand out and help your business reach new heights.

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