Merging cell culture experience with engineering skills to provide Advanced Process Control solutions through ease of use Instruments and efficient service.



Standard devices to make cell culture biologist daily work more effective.

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We carry your cell culture project from process development to production providing advices and support in each step of your story.


For years, we have acquired expertise in acoustic filtration and its specific use in cell culture perfusion process.

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Acoustic Filtration

An Acoustic Filtration device for gentle cell manipulation and separation and remove the risk of clogging and fouling. Available in sterilizable or Single-use version


The most fexible cell culture controller.

Automated cell culture controller with Highly flexible and advanced process control strategy setup. 

Cytosys comes with specific perfusion control functionalities.

Watch this cool technology ! ACOUSTIC FILTRATION

The green color of micro-algae allows nice visualization of this filtration technique. CYTOPERF device is originally designed for gentle filtration of mammalian cell in a continuous cell culture perfusion process, however this time we have tested it on micro-algae, and it works great!

In May we have delivered and installed another set of 3 CYTOSYS to control the specific cell culture process of our client.

These news devices have joined the over 20 units sold to this happy customer in the last 3 years.

When it comes to advanced cell culture and perfusion control Ipratech is your partner!

Great week starting again for IPRATECH!

This bioreactor controller update is our latest delivery for biopharma manufacturing. 

We are proud of this single-use 50L bioreactor rewamping job. We have installed our CYTOSYS cell culture control mother board with embedded software inside the existing housing, and connected all existing sensors and actuators. The vessel is now ready for plasmid DNA production at Delphi Genetics, Gosselies, Belgium.

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