Fully designable solution.

Up to 90 inputs/outputs available. Up to 16 P.I.D. No matter the pump, no matter the sensors, no matter the actuators, the heating, the cooling, whatever you would need can be integrated to our Bright solution. 

to design together your dreamed solution!

Bright Cell Culture Platforms

Fully designable

Data storage

Compact design


Ready to use


16 P.I.D.


Intuitive WLAN HMI

Control Platform for Advanced Cell Culture Process

The CYTOSYS BRIGHT is our fully customizable solution.

Bright is also fully updatable. If you purchased a Bright system and you want to update it later, just give us a call. We can add regulation functionalities, new sensors, and new actuators. 

Sensors, actuators, heating or cooling system, pumps, MODBUS probes, classic probes,…

No matter the demand, CYTOSYS BRIGHT can respond to it within a small footprint of 35(D) x 20(W) x 50(H)cm.  


We can help you to define the best match between your needs and the latest technology.

Cytosys Bright

Applications of our Control Platform


Adherent Cell Culture


Suspension Cell Culture

yeast fermentation

Yeast Fermentation

bacteria culture

Bacteria Culture

Algae Culture

Algae Culture

Technical Specifications

Bioreactor control unit Vessel 0.5 - 50L Glass, Stainless Steel or Disposable
HMI Web Interface (Local or LAN access)
Software CFR 21 Part 11 Compatible
Dimensions (cm) 38 x 75 x 24 (W x H x D)
Gaz station Gaz Up to 4 Gaz (Air, O2, CO2, N²)
TMFC Up to 8 TMFC (0-10L/min)
Electro-Valve Up to 8 Electro-Valves
Agitation Drive Brushless Motor
Agitation Range 10 - 200 RPM or 50 - 1000RPM
Display Resolution 1 RPM
Temperature Probe Up to 2 PT-100
Display Resolution 0,1 °C
Temperature Range Room Temperature to 50°C
pH Sensor Technology Up to 2 Gel Filled, Optical or Disposable
Display Resolution 0.01
dO Sensor Technology Polarographic, Optical or Disposable
Display Resolution 0.1%
Pump Peristaltic Pump Up to 8 Pumps (0-300 RPM, precision 0,005 RPM)
PID Controllers Allowed PIDs 16
Controlled Parameters Sensors, Analog Inputs, Totalizers, PID Output for Cascade
Inputs/outputs Total Number Available 90 Inputs/Outputs User Available Analog Inputs 0 - 5/10 V, 0/4 - 20 mA Analog Outputs 0 - 5/10 V, 0/4 - 20 mA Digital Inputs (up to 80 VDC) Digital Outputs (5,24 and up to 80 VDC) Power Outputs (110 VAC or 230 VAC) Specific Inputs / Outputs on request