True Cell Culture & Perfusion Control


Perfusion, if well managed, offers many economical and performance advantage.
Biologically, the perfusion principle is a steady benefit for the following reasons:

Unfortunately, perfusion is often perceived as too complex, and perfusion devices thought to be too expensive and likely to clog; achieving higher productivity without a long, costly investment and optimization of the process and scale-up are seen as difficulties; people believe no process control can truly manage perfusion; and,finally, it is said that set-up is too long, complex, and has too many risks of contamination if you are not a perfusion expert.

Why CytoSys Technology ?
Automated capacitance-based
Continuous monitoring

CYTOSYS is an automated capacitance-based, software-driven compact system allowing mammalian cells to be grown under perfusion conditions with continuous monitoring of cell concentration between 2 and several millions of cells/ml. Perfusion is fully monitored using the CYTOPERFUSION model (see diagram below). Cell concentration is controlled with capacitance, and perfusion rate is managed remotely using a proprietary algorithm.

Perfusion is then better controlled, productivity is enhanced, and quality from batch to batch remains universally excellent.

Software-driven compact system
Control, Productivity, Quality
sensor Ipratech graph

Perfusion with it's unique capability makes the following tasks easier

Production of cells

Production of cells with similar quality at low, medium or high cell concentration.

Easy for work

Less complex human intervention during the process.

Rapid maximization

Process is equally well managed and controlled with or without local human supervision.

Rapid optimization

Rapid optimization of a process, compared to classic methods.

Optimized for you

Scale-up is less influenced by engineering issues.

Detection of contamination or process deviation

Very early detection of any contamination or process deviation

Design of Cytosys
Control of 1 or 2 bioreactors, separately running batch, fed-batch or perfusion
  1. Freedom to operate any type of benchtop glass vessel or single use bioreactors
  2. Freedom to integrate the preferred type of capacitance sensing to run perfusion
  3. Freedom to use any type of similar or different perfusion devices at same time
  4. Retrofit to an existing bioreactor or to a new equipment project
  5. Quick adaptation to a process with performance demonstrated after first run .
Ytoperfusion Control Steps

Phase 1


Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


Phase 5

Perfusion Control
The CYTOPERF technology controller (CYTOSYS) regulates not only a perfusion rate or the occurrences of acoustic filtration, but also controls the perfusion process as a recipe to manage viable cell density (VCD) according to projected performance parameters.

This concept, also known as CYTOPERFUSION, controls the entire process from inoculation to the steady state conditions and continuous production at the cell concentration targeted. Process is then maintained for the time required, from a week to as long as nine months.