CYTOSYS is designed for advanced cell culture processing, CYTOSYS is an intuitive and ready-to-use control platform allowing quick productive results.
In addition to the major items required to run a cultivation process such as the P.I.D. control modules and sensors transducers; the set-up also can include the required ancillary items such as pumps and gassing (valves, Mass Flow Controller…).

Advantages and Benefits


CYTOSYS flexibility combined with a non-limited list of sensors and actuators allows process developers to implement an infinity of control strategies with a single control system. No specific programming or electrical skills are required! Once the control strategy is set-up, CYTOSYS is seen from the simplified intuitive operator interface as a dedicated process controller reducing the operating errors. CYTOSYS is for this reason also ideal for cell culture beginners or education purpose.

CYTOSYS can run glass culture vessels, rigid disposable bioreactors as well as culture bags from 0.1L up to several hundreds of L by selecting the appropriate actuators and sensors.

Ready to use

CYTOSYS solution is completely equipped with all necessary components and is ready to be used “out-of-the box”. The bioreactor/fermenter set-up is fast to learn and easy to operate: no special skills or tools are required.

Modularity and configurability

Although CYTOSYS solution has a pre-set configuration, the whole bioreactor system remains modular and configurable. With simple changes in configuration, the system can be modified for different applications in a cost-effective way. This applies to changes in process control strategies, in using extra gas or liquids additions, but also any other process modification.

Control Software

CYTOSYS control unit is equipped with an Ethernet connection allowing access to the HMI trough any device (computer, tablets or smartphones) connected to the same LAN.
Direct wireless connection to the CYTOSYS is possible from any wifi device (computer, tablets or smartphones).
User Access Control (UAC) secures process parameters and Action Log (AL) perform continuous audit of actions performed by any users.

Control modules

16 P.I.D. (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control modules are available for process parameters control. Predefined P.I.D. parameters for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and stirrer are provided (adapted to lab-scale glass bioreactors). Authorized users can easily disable, enable, and set-up new P.I.D. with custom parameters.

Compact design

CYTOSYS solution is designed to occupy a bench footprint as small as possible. All accessories such as pumps and gas flow control valves are conveniently integrated in a compact console. The compact design reduces the need for extra lab space.

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