The CYTOPERF is a compact cell retention device that uses acoustic waves to gently manipulate the cell without clogging or fouling. The CYTOPERF simplifies the operation of a continuous filtation and lower the shear force to the cells. This innovative technology is available in a stainless steel sterilizable instrument or in a fully disposable version.


Based on resonant ultrasonic waves that separate cells from supernatant, the CYTOPERF offers all the benefits of other filtration technologies, but without their inherent problems and limitations.


When cleaning and validation becomes an issue, or flexibility needs are increasing cost of good and capital investment, the CYTOPERF is available in a single-use version. All material in contact with media and cells are FDA approved and/or USP class VI certified.

No shear stress

As opposed to traditional frontal and tangential flow filtration or centrifugation, the acoustic force does not induce mechanical shear stress or pressure change to the cells, this results in gentle conditions and no loss of viability in this step of the process.

Non fouling non Clogging

As opposed to traditional flow filtration the CYTOPERF does not have any mechanical barrier with defined pore size that will suffer from cells debris or small particle accumulation.

Retains viable cells preferably

The dead cells or cell debris are less attracted in the acoustic nodes than the viable cells. This results is the selection of viable cells over cell debis that go away with the supernatant.

Freedom to operate with any bioreactor

The CYTOPERF is proposed as a stand-alone model for a very large range of volume to filter. When flow rate becomes high, it is extremely simple to operate several devices in parallel.



The CYTOPERF is used in combination with the CYTOSYS to control the perfusion process and manage viable cell density (VCD) according to projected performance parameters. The process can be maintained as long as required, from a week up to nine months. This Acoustic Perfusion system is the most advantageous solution for perfusion cultures. he Acoustic Perfusion system is the most advantageous solution for perfusion cultures.

Clarification and washing

The CYTOPERF device is ideal for cell concentration and cell washing after a cell culture as an early step in downstream process.


An ultrasonic standing wave field is generated at minimum power level to allow best cell separation from supernatant. Ultrasonic forces drive the cells to antinode planes parallel to the upward medium flow. These planes are visible through the windows as vertical parallel lines. On a regular basis, the acoustic field is shut off to allow cells to settle before being flushed back to the bioreactor where the mixing movement disperses them. Power auto-tuning avoids overheating issues, ensuring the best separation efficiency regardless of cell concentration.

Due to their higher acoustic contrast, the acoustic filter retains viable cells with higher efficiency than dead cells and cell debris. This results in a significantly higher removal rate for non-viable cells, which successfully limits the accumulation of non-viable biomass in the bioreactor.

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