From Technologies to end-user Products

For years, Ipratech has acquired expertise in the development of technological products for any specific applications.
The strength of a technical knowledge combined with the expertise acquired in the daily management of a cell culture
laboratory allows us to understand specific needs and offer custom solution to any control and automation request.
Ipratech developped and bring to market own products to make the daily work of cell culture biologist more effective and smooth.

Service at a glance

Ipratech will carry your product development project from specifications to production providing advices and support in each step of this fabulous story.

Flexibility and swiftness to offer you a unique experience.

Own technlogies

Since years, Ipratech reduce to pratice a range of technologies applied to cell culture market.

Automated cell culture controller (CytoSys) with specific perfusion control functionalities. Boost your ATF, TFF or acoustic filter perfusion process by implementing real-time control and automatic chaining of batches, fed-batches and perfusion processes.

Acoustic Filtration (CytoPerf)to allow perfusion without the risk of clogging and fouling over time. Perfusion in real continuous processes without any limitation.

Real-time cell culture monitoring and cell viability analysis. (Iprasense)

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